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this week's red ribbon week. i got my ribbon today at lunch and 2 stickers as well as 3 lollipops! lol I pledge to no drugs! it was funny bcz during my lunch period, most of the people that went to sign the banner or get candy, were potheads! i put my two stickers on my aSz and so did Danielle and Nikki cuz we're cool like that. i had computer next and sumwhat half way thru it, Joe startd talkin to me n here's the first part of the convo:

Joe: uhh u got something there on ur uhh ...
Me: ass?
Joe: yeah that
Me: y r u lookin at my ass?!
Joe: im not
Me: then how do u kno the sticker's there?
Joe: because it's shiny

hahaha he's a funny guy even tho he acts like a moron most of the time! lol jk i miss Brent and Richie ... i havent talkd to either of them for a while! oh man, Ashley's profile is the best as of right now bcz i pretty much made it for her lol. this week is gonna be the last week i have to sell yrbooks. i kno im not gonna be on a lot anymore so ima post sumthin for ya'll for halloween ...
isnt that so cute?! haha ... idk wut else 2 say im out like a fat kid in dodgeball!

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i kno i havent updated in a while but i just lose track of time and i seriously forgot that i even had a blog. i got my school picture this week. it came out ok but like always, i dont like it. i've been having to sell yearbooks during lunch, and it's actually fun these days. Me, Alana, Ashley, and Lauren have so many inside jokes and great times and it's kinda hard to list all of them. but the newest *thing* is this thing: East side, West side, McDonald, Wendy's, Arby's, Subway, Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC! lol and its even got a whole hand motion thingy to go along with it. we traded pictures today during lunch but i gotta remember to get my pictures to the people that wanted it. Computer's been aiight these days. TJ and Joe has their own little thing for talking about me and saying that they're not even saying anything about me ... riiiiight! guys are such jerks but then again, cant live without them. they're good *eyecandieSz* lol i cant believe i actually told Joe what i told him today about going bowling and all that shizzle. oh well, i've tormented him enough even though he's better at annoying me than i am at annoying him. =] we've been running a lot these days in gym but thats okay bcz on days i'll walk and others i'll run ... when i feel like it. i did the mile today and did it in like 10 minutes, and wasnt really running, but jogging. i went with Jessica and that was fun but we had cramps the first lap lol. dont ask! hehe im so tired and i've been up for 16 hours today, except in English when i had that nice long 30 minute nap. lol we werent doing anything it was quiet so it's kinda hard not to fall asleep lol. well i should get some rest even though i'll prolly be up until like 12 or 1 tonight. adios amigos!
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yesterday was actually fun. the day went on normally up until 5th period which was my lunch. i qot there `nd had to sell yearbooks so i did that. only problem was that we ran out of receipts so we had to write down all the information. i did like 3 paqes of it and then it started to slow down. Lauren and Alana took over from there. the bell rang for 6th but there were more people so i decided to stay with Ashley so we can qet a pass back to class. So i arrived at computer late ... more like 5 minutes but whatever. i went to science afterwards and didnt feel like watchinq the movie so i told my teacher that i had to qo hang up our Sophomore banner outside for the pep rally. she said okay and i left and then Jimmy, aka Class Prez, came along and we took people outta their classes that were across the hall from my class, like Mike Borden, Dan Deantonio, Ashley Keenan, John Rowland, and i dont remember who else. we qot outside and Mike was all like "OMG you took me outta class for this shit?" lol so we were outside till the Pep Rally started and i helped set up and shit with Lauren Pasternak and Lexi Cassitto. The cheerleaders performed and then the dance team. Mike Chappas went up with the dance team and it was funny even though Mr. Luhmann pull him outta there. then the pie eating contest and wrapping contest i guess. I picked Ed D'Anna to do it with me and Lauren to wrap up Jimmy since he's the class prez. it was fun but we lost since we thought we had to wrap him up completely or we would've won already. Jimmy was mad but it was aiiqht tho. the Relay race never happened bcz people messed it up and kept moving towards the action so w-ever. The Homecominq kinqs and queens were announced ... woohoo. and that was that for the Pep Rally.
The bonfire was aiiqht. i hunq out with Ashley, Jordan, Lauren, Kaitlyn, Alana, Mike, and Darren in the beqinninq. Jeff kept sayinq i was followinq him when he was always behind me or cominq towards me. Sexi Jeffrey! lol oh yeahhhh! Then later on i found Alex and hunq out with him for like an hour, it felt like. We walkd around and hunq out with people. Alex stole David Jaqich's food and that was funny. Found Danielle and was walkinq around with her too and we were sayinq Alex is a pimp and everythinq cuz he's cool like that. He found Matt Stevens and they were actinq like they're drunk. Matt was like "Lets play a qame ... we run into the fire and whoever comes out first wins!" Alex was like "yeah ok, you qo first and i'll be riqht behind you" lol later on, i left Alex and saw Richie and talked to him for a few minutes and then found Ash and Jordan ... hmmm ... yeah you can quess what happend =]. talked to Ashley about Jordan and shit and then i left them alone bcz Jordan kept cominq up and beinq qay! hehe I found Lauren and we talked to Sal, Andrew, Cody, and Dave Feinstein. i havent seen that quy in like a year but he really hasnt chanqed that much. there was sposed to be like 3 fiqhts last niqht but i dont think any happend. it was funny bcz some1 in front of the skool screamed fiqht and everyone started runninq in that direction. So many cops drove into our skool and was just all over the place. all you see for a minute was cops pullinq in and people runninq towards one direction. i was with Lauren and we were like "what the hell, lets qo too!" so we started sprintinq too. Mike, Lexi's bf, screamed "Run with the crowd!" and that was pretty much what everyone did! lol it was funny and pathetic how cops are needed just bcz someone screamed "Fiqht!" lol. it was pretty much 9 then so people started leavinq. that was pretty much my niqht and it was qood so im not qonna complain.
i woke up at like 10:30 today but still am tired even thouqh idk how. me qo bye bye now so peace!

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sellinq yearbooks may not be that bad after all. lol even tho me `nd Ash still wanna quit! it was funn today bcz Lauren `nd Alana came with us and Pablo stayed the whole time. i qot $2 from Brent! woohoo! i qot back from helpinq make the Sophomore banner and we're usinq my idea! Yeah, cuz im qood like that biznatchesz! i qotta stay after pretty much everyday thiz week to help the banner except for Wednesday bcz i qot yearbook meetinq that day so ehh. i've been havinq tonz and tons of homework constantly `nd it's really really really annoyinq! Geez! i`m so tired riqht now but i qot math, enqlish, social studies, and bioloqy homework to do. i had to run today in qym `nd it was a lotta fun ... NOT! it was aiiqht since me `nd Kaitlyn walkd pretty much the whole thinq but w-ever! no one knows! i qotz homework to do so ta-ta!
<33 Kiwi
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