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name: Keli
taq: Kiwi
age: 15
birthday: 4.17
school: Ketcham
status like a dollar bill
aim kraziekiwi69x

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here's my 10th qrade schedule for all of those who r annoyinq me about it:
1. Soc.Studies (137) Minervini
2. Spanish (317) Sajdak
3. Math 3H (321) Siebert
4. English (218) Seeger
5. Lunch
6. Cmptr.App (256) Polos
7. Bio (296) Manzo
8. Gym-Paino / Bio-Manzo
if we got any classes toqether, leave a comment or IM me @ KrazieKiwi69x for AIM. i was tryina chanqe my homeroom teacher to McCoy if possible but i dunno if im still qonna tho. if some1 is in the same class as me for Social Studies, then i wont, otherwise i'll see about it. <3

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      @ August 27, 2004 at 5:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous remembered:
::gasp:: me and the hoe dont have any classes together... i am sad. :'(

      @ August 28, 2004 at 11:40 AM, Blogger KrazieKiwi69x remembered:
aww thats 2 badd ... im guessing its Michelle! lol <3

      @ August 29, 2004 at 3:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous remembered:
keli !! bio & gym & possibly lunch yayness love you darling its gonna be 8th grade all over again ;]

      @ August 29, 2004 at 3:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous remembered:
whoopsies by the way this is kaitlyn me very retarted haha !!

havent really updated in a while but there's really nothinq to update since nothinq excitinq has even happend. School starts in about a couple weeks and i cant wait bcz that's where thinqs actually happen! im not really sure about who's qonna be in my classes since i havent really been askinq people `nd stuff but i'm sure i'll kno whoever's there. the only people i kno that are in my lunch for now is Brent and Helen. i think TJ and Chris are in my Spanish only because they keep annoyinq me about it. As for my math class, i kno there will be a lotta people i kno since all they do is move the same people up from last year but with different people. alriqhty, i dunno what else there is to say but i havent really been keepinq in touch with a lotta people `nd i miss evryone! lol <33

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oh man. Richie IMed me last night `nd told me he got arrested for two days. For what? Stealing his mom's car `nd driving it without a license. wut a dumbass! lol it was just raining like an hour ago with thunder, lightening, `nd all that greatnesz. i don`t know why, but i tend to like lightening `nd rain ... `nd my fave season just happens to be Spring. I'm not so sure about the whole volleyball thing again. i talkd to Shelby's mom yesterday `nd she said they don`t hav a coach yet but Tryouts are on the 18th which is only a week or so away. whatever! im bOred and desperate for excitement so pLeaSe amuse me somehow `nd IM me if you want!

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oh man. Nikki has an entry in her bloq about being attackd by a bear the otha day. i commentd sayinq that whole concept is kinda interestinq but she posted anotha entry sayinq that it didnt come true. =[ oh well! i saw Ash yesterday qoinq `nd leavinq work but i didnt say hi bcz i prolly couldnt get her fast enough. but thats aiiqht bcz she's still my slut n im her hoe so its all qood in tha hoooooood! ;-] my summer has been nothinq but bOrinq n i qotta admit that i cant wait till skool starts aqain n i see Brent, Rich, Helen, Ash, Michelle, Sierra, Ryan, n all my buddies. lol the only person that wont qo away online is TJ. keeps fckn IMinq me n wont stop. but i kno who he likes! ******!!! lol iight ima qo watch sum movies or sumthinq to keep me entertaind for now. Adios!

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July's gone and we're in August now. this month went by so damn fast especially with me doing nothing at all this summer. i told myself i was gonna go on a diet and try to exercise more but that worked for about ... 2 days? yea at the most! lol Richie's chubby n i "luv" his fatnesz! haha we're like lil kids when we "make fun" of each other. but we always end up saying nice things about each other when we're done ... a REAL "fight"! not really. i havent really talkd to Brent that much lately but i think it's kinda weird since i was with him a lot last school year and all of a sudden i'm away from him for the summer. its not that i mind but its weird not having someone perverted around to make me laugh n have a bad influence on me lol. well im pretty sure im in his lunch next year so i'll see him around. im outtie bcz my butt hurts from sitting. lol <33

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