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name: Keli
taq: Kiwi
age: 15
birthday: 4.17
school: Ketcham
status like a dollar bill
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today's boring as usual. the other day, i cleaned out my old shyt n lookd thru some notes me n my friends wrote. today i went thru some of my notes from my Freshmen yr n reread them. they were so kute n reminded me of all the funn times i had n the nonsense that went on during the classes and such. i threw out all of them but i kept one that was between me `nd Rich that had a mini arguement bout the talk of being fat. childish, i know. but it was also the of our "confirmation" of our "wedding" on 5-20-04! lol its funny how me n Rich fight n argue over the stupidest things but im glad i do bcz he's lyk my brother wheneva we say those dumb lil things to each other. i talkd 2 Rich not long ago today n he just had to remind me of "D", his nickname for me. greeeaaattt! lol oh well. um ... there really isnt much to say since pretty much nothing exciting has happend this summer. the only thing that i did that was a change was get my hair cut at literally shoulder-length. i went to my first Jazzercise class with Sierra a week ago or so and it was a lotta fun. other than that, my summer has just been plain boring. Although i talkd 2 Adam Daughton who i havent heard from in a while, and Chris who's going into Ketcham next year (woohoo) alrighty now, nothing else to say so im out lyk a boner in sweatpants. ;-]

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alrighty here's my problem. i have like a million online journals now and i dont know which one to keep. i made an account at Xanga just so i can comment on my friend's lives and stuff. i have one at LiveJournal that i have a lotta entries on and am part of some communities as well. now i have this one and i think i like this one the best so far because of how easy it is to customize its looks and stuff so im so confused. lol. well Kathy's fixing up my Xanga to make it look all prettyful. My LJ is customized by me and is already good so im not worried about that. but i think this one is guna be the main journal from now on since i like it so much. the only problem is updating which i cant do from my comp bcz there's no program like the LJClient one. but im sure i wont mind. ok im outtie  peace! <3

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      @ August 14, 2004 at 11:55 AM, Blogger KrazieKiwi69x remembered:
hey guys! this is just a testing comment but leave some if u want! <33

New online blog for me and my boring life! Isnt this great ... another blog to my collection! Not much of an update but hey its my first entry of my new blog so woohoo!

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